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Who do I call to find out where my doctor’s office has moved?

Before your next appointment, call 416-323-6400 or visit www.womenscollegehospital.ca to find out where your clinic or your doctor’s office is now located.

You can also check the construction updates page for information about clinic moves.

Don’t worry. You’ll have the same great health teams. The same unparalleled quality of care.

Where do I park if I have an appointment?

Parking will not be available on site until completion of the new building. As always, we encourage staff and patients to take public transportation. Click here for a list of nearby parking facilities.

Why is Women’s College Hospital building a new facility?

Women’s College is building a new hospital to replace outdated buildings and further our mandate as Ontario’s first and only stand-alone academic ambulatory care hospital with a focus on women’s health. 

Our mandate acknowledges and responds to the new health reality: more people are living with conditions and diseases that affect them throughout their lives, particularly women. That calls for an ambulatory hospital, one that helps women and their families prevent and manage the conditions that affect them most – like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and mental health – without overnight hospitalization.

The care that Women’s College Hospital delivers today doesn’t fit into the narrow hallways and small patient rooms of a 1930s hospital. Ambulatory care works best in “clinical neighbourhoods” where the environment reflects the values of women’s health.

Our new building will be a welcoming and supportive space for patients and staff. It will allow us to increase patient visits by more than 70 per cent. It will be a new kind of hospital – a hospital that keeps you out of the hospital.

Are you adding new programs or expanding services?

Our new facility will enable us to expand existing programs and increase patient volumes at Women’s College. In fact, we are already growing and developing new initiatives to enhance the care we provide our patients. Most recently we launched a survivorship program for patients who have completed cancer treatment. The initiative, in partnership with Princess Margaret Hospital, is now in its pilot stage. We’re also in the process of establishing our own department of gynecology.

In addition, we are developing a primary care strategy plan to identify further opportunities for Women’s College to fill gaps in the health system.

Currently, the hospital has approximately 260,000 patient visits annually. We are projecting volumes of approximately 395,000 patient visits in 2014/2015.

With all this growth and development, how will Women’s College maintain its history and legacy?

Women’s College was created to provide medically trained women a place to practice medicine when they could not practice anywhere else. Since then, the hospital has maintained its abiding commitment to women’s health and to mentoring women leaders. Today, the hospital continues to provide innovative, exceptional care for women and their families and now it does so as a leader in ambulatory care. No one else in Ontario is charting this territory.