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What is ambulatory care?

Ambulatory care refers to surgeries, diagnostic procedures and treatments that do not require overnight hospitalization. That means patients can be released within 18 hours, and can recover in the comfort of their own home. It means greater cost-effectiveness, and fewer risks, such as infections.

But at Women’s College, ambulatory care is about much more than that. It’s about helping women and their families live healthier and more independent lives by preventing and managing the diseases and conditions that affect them throughout their lives. That means a Centre for Headache, where people can learn new ways to manage their migraine. It means North America’s only cardiac rehab program designed specifically for women. It means a groundbreaking treatment and education program for those with advanced osteoarthritis and a program that helps prevent and treat diabetes in women at every stage of their lives.

In other words, it’s care that’s accessible and interactive. Care that responds to how women lead their lives. Care that recognizes that, when it comes to their health, men and women are not the same.